The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills has been all over Instagram recently. It felt like every influencer, blogger and youtuber went there to take a photo and try the cupcakes. And celebrities like Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey and Blake Lively love them too so of course this was on my places to see list as … Continue Reading

Just WOW! I was actually speechless when I saw this beautiful beach and sunset in Malibu. The beach that I’m talking about and that is so breathtaking is called El Matador State Beach. I’ve heard about this beach before, probably through Instagram but when I googled the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles this one … Continue Reading

So after having visited The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool my mum and I boarded the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour bus the next day. This colourful bus takes Beatles fans on a tour to significant places in and around Liverpool. The tour guide talked about the beginnings of The Beatles and showed us the churchyard … Continue Reading

When people talk about Liverpool they always associate the city with one famous band – The Beatles. My mum and I are huge Beatles fans so when we went to Liverpool in spring this year we had to visit the popular museum “The Beatles Story”. It really is a must-see for every Beatles fan or … Continue Reading

I’m so excited to share these photos with you! A couple of weeks ago I had a photoshoot with Vanessa. I came across her Instagram account and was overwhelmed by her talent. I loved literally every photo on her page so I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her to plan a photoshoot for … Continue Reading

Last year my mom and I went to Dior des Lices in Saint Tropez for breakfast and this summer I invited my mom for lunch there. I just love this little magical garden in the heart of Saint Tropez and the food is amazing so make sure to stop by when you’re in Saint Tropez. … Continue Reading

Los Angeles is a city with its own charm. It inspires so many people and makes them feel like everything is possbile in the City of Angels aka Hollywood. I’ve only been there once and I had this incredible feeling that I’ve never felt before. It all happened back in 2011 when I stepped out … Continue Reading

The Albert Dock at Liverpool’s iconic waterfront was built between 1841 and 1846. It is a complex of warehouses that was revolutionary back then because ships were able to be loaded and unloaded directly from the warehouse. These cargos included cotton, sugar, tea etc. After serving as a base for ships of the Royal Navy … Continue Reading

There is literally so much to do and see in Los Angeles! So when you are planning your first trip to LA you are inundated with information. You have to find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Of course you have to visit and see popular sights such as the … Continue Reading

The Waterfront is one of the must-see-places in Liverpool. It is located along the River Mersey. The Museum of Liverpool, a Beatles Café, The Three Graces (Liverpool’s most iconic buildings that include the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building), Albert Dock etc. are located there and the famous ferries … Continue Reading