Waterfront Liverpool

The Waterfront is one of the must-see-places in Liverpool. It is located along the River Mersey. The Museum of Liverpool, a Beatles Café, The Three Graces (Liverpool’s most iconic buildings that include the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building), Albert Dock etc. are located there and the famous ferries … Continue Reading

Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United

Today is the day – the #EURO2016 final in Stade de France in Paris. France against Portugal. So I thought today is the perfect day to take you on a tour through Old Trafford, an important place in the history of football. Old Trafford is the stadium of the football club Manchester United. A club … Continue Reading

Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is one of Liverpool’s most famous landmarks, not only because of the beautiful architecture but also because of the stunning view from the top of the church tower. The cathedral was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who is also the designer of the popular and famous red telephone boxes and the Battersea … Continue Reading

A Hike Through The Yorkshire Dales

Let’s go on a hike through the English countryside, shall we!? Back in 2010 my English class and I were planning a study trip to England. My teacher suggested different cities and activities and a hike was one of the options. Everyone was like: “A hike!? Really!? We never thought about something like that but … Continue Reading

Internship Abroad – My Story About My Internship In London And Tips For You

As you might have read in my other blog posts I did an internship in London. I always love reading about someone’s experience abroad and I hope that if you want to go abroad someday I can give you some helpful tips on how to organise an internship in another country based on my experiences. … Continue Reading

My internship in London – St. Albans, My home for two months

To be honest I have never heard of St. Albans before. Surely I knew the big cities in England but St. Albans became my home for two months and I loved it there. Everyone wants to go and visit the big cities but little towns in the English countryside have something special. Do you know … Continue Reading