Vancouver Harbor

Vancouver is one of the cities with a lot of contrasts. There is this stunning nature with mountains and the Pacific ocean on the one hand and the modern urban city centre with modern architecture and the old town on the other hand. The perfect place to get an impression of all this is Vancouver … Continue Reading

Road Trip to Squamish

When in Vancouver we decided to go on a road trip along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to a city called Squamish. The views on the way to it and back were just breathtaking (you’ll see!). British Columbia, the state Vancouver and Squamish are part of, has so much to offer. There is the … Continue Reading

Our trip to America – Vancouver – Hotel and Lookout

So our third and last stop of our America trip was Vancouver. I would have never suggested to fly to Canada but since my sister went there for the first time she always wanted to go back and show my mum and me how beautiful British Columbia is. So “Canada here we come”. We stayed … Continue Reading