My Interview with Layla (@latravelgirl)

There is literally so much to do and see in Los Angeles! So when you are planning your first trip to LA you are inundated with information. You have to find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Of course you have to visit and see popular sights such as the … Continue Reading

My American Dream

Okay so I decided to publish this blog post despite the madness that is currently going on in the USA. I’ve started writing this blog post before the election because I wanted to share something personal on LLL. If you follow me on Social Media you know that I’m very very sad that Barack Obama … Continue Reading

Celebrity Spotting Los Angeles – How I Met Paris Hilton

Hollywood and Paris Hilton just belong together. Speaking of Hollywood and celebrities It-Girl Paris Hilton just has to be part of it. One day, when in Los Angeles, my mum and my sister were walking down Hollywood Boulevard when suddenly we saw cameras flashing and people screaming in a narrow side street. We instantly knew … Continue Reading

Celebrity Spotting Los Angeles – Restaurants

Los Angeles is THE place to be if you wanna see some celebrities. Spotting them isn’t as tricky as you might think. There are plenty of websites that show you where you might see some famous people. There are thousands of photos on Twitter and on websites like or of stars leaving restaurants, … Continue Reading

Bones+Feathers Collective, Los Angeles

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to a brand from one of my favourite cities in the world, which is (as you all probably know 😉 ) Los Angeles. People who know me know that I’m always looking for something special to buy in my favourite cities so Bones+Feathers Collective is … Continue Reading

A California Road Trip with Turo, Los Angeles

Convertible, music, sunshine…cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco is what everybody dreams of, right? When it comes to road trips everyone has a clear image in mind. I always picture epic sceneries and simply the thought and the feeling of freedom and happiness. I’ve always dreamt of going on … Continue Reading

Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles

Oh Los Angeles! Four days in this beautiful city were definitely too short and that’s why I’m always thinking about going back. I always read about places that I still wanna visit in L.A…places like Runyon Canyon. I was up in the Hills on Mulholland Drive during our Movie Stars’ Homes Tour and the view … Continue Reading

My favourite Californian Travel Guides & Websites

Since I was in Los Angeles in 2011 I’m an even bigger fan of California. As I told you in my other blog posts it instantly felt like home and I can’t stop thinking and reading about this beautiful and magical place. I just wanted to show you my collection of travel guides and DVDs … Continue Reading

And the Oscar goes to…

It’s the time of the year when everybody in Hollywood goes crazy due to The Academy Awards. The celebrities have to choose one of the many designer gowns offered to them. The paparazzi have to prepare mentally for the hectic day and think of an idea how to get the best shots of the celebrities. … Continue Reading

Our trip to America – Los Angeles – Michael Jackson Tour

On our second day in Los Angeles we rented a car because that’s the best way to get somewhere in L.A. Being huge Michael Jackson fans for years my mom, my sister and I wanted to do a little “MJ Memorial Tour”. Our first stop was the house that he last lived in and where … Continue Reading